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    I think that my spouse is earning more money now than when the child support order was made. How can I find out?
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    Under Ontario's Child Support Guidelines, the person paying support is now required to provide the recipient with confirmation of his or her income each year on the anniversary of the support order, unless they have agreed not to exchange income disclosure each year. You can get more detailed income information from your spouse for the last three years by requesting it in writing. This information can include:
    - a copy of his or her three most recent income tax returns and notices of assessment and reassessment for those returns;
    - information regarding how that person is currently making a living. For example, if the person is an employee, he or she must give recent pay-stubs; if he or she is self-employed, he or she must give financial statements of the business, and a statement showing all money paid to people or companies related to the person paying support. There are other requirements for someone who owns an incorporated company or who is a partner in a partnership;
    - a statement of any income from a trust and copies of the trust's financial statements; and
    - current information in writing about any 'special expenses' or 'undue hardship'.

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