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    My husband has been paying into company pension plans for 32 years. I stayed home to look after the kids and now I am doing odd jobs for a little extra money. If we separate, do I have a right to share his pension?
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    A pension is included in the calculation of your husband's share of the family property at separation. New rules will be in place shortly that require pension administrators to prepare the valuation of the pension, which is then added to the value of your husband's property. You will also be able to agree for a payment to be made from the pension if an equalization payment is owed to you.
    Important: As soon as you separate, you are no longer recognized as a spouse under pension law. For example, if your spouse dies after you separate, but before you reach any agreement, you do not have a right to a survivor's benefit. You should make sure that your agreement or court order is clear about your rights to his pension.

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