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    What should a purchaser do if vermiculite insulation is suspected to be present in the home?

    First you should ensure that your purchaser has a properly qualified home inspector who is aware of the concerns with vermiculite insulation. If a home inspection results in a determination that vermiculite insulation is either present or suspected to be present, a further specific inspection is required. Similar to environmental contamination it is always best to know exactly what the concerns are rather than attempt to guess and base an offer on assumptions.

    It is important for Realtor's to be as informed as possible in order to protect themselves and their clients from the restrictions and added costs that may result from the presence of vermiculite insulation. A listing agent should remember that vermiculite insulation is not a banned substance, nor is it a latent defect, and therefore may not have to be disclosed by the seller. However, disclosure at the beginning may be the best shield against potential liability. As a purchaser's agent, if there is a particular concern regarding vermiculite insulation on the part of the purchaser, you might consider adding a representation to the offer to purchase warranting the property is not insulated with it. And, of course, realtors should recommend to buyers that they make their offers subject to a home inspection.

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