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    I am getting a Bridge Loan, what do I do now?
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    You are likely getting a bridge loan because you are purchasing a property before you are selling another property. The bridge loan "bridges" the gap between these two dates and allows you to have sufficient money to close your purchase.
    Once we receive our "bridge loan instructions" from your lending institution, we will email them to you for your perusal.
    Have a look through. If you are satisfied with the terms, we ask that you print and sign the documents in the appropriate places (your names will appear where you have to sign) and in some cases (clearly marked on the instructions) you will have to have a witness sign the document as well (the witness must be someone who is not related to you). After that, email or fax the signed documents to us. We will then forward the documents to your lender so that we can be funded on the day of closing.
    Please ensure that you bring the originals to our meeting which will be scheduled shortly before your closing.

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