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    Do I really need to see a lawyer to complete my Will? Can't I just use a kit or buy a pre-prepared Will?
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    A Will is reasonably economical to prepare with proper legal assistance. There is no substitute for qualified and specific professional advice.
    Unintended errors or omissions in a Will can delay or thwart administration of your Estate. They can be very costly to your executors and intended beneficiaries, and in some extreme cases, entirely undermine the validity of a Will.

    Even if you have completed a Will, it may be extremely difficult to have it accepted for Administration (probate) by the Estate Office of Ontario Superior Court, unless the witnesses to your Will have attended with a lawyer or notary to complete sworn affidavits confirming that they indeed did attend upon your execution of your Will.

    Your lawyer will generally act as a witness to your Will, and complete this documentation at the same time your Will is executed. If your witnesses predecease you or cannot be located, and no such Affidavits of Execution are available, your Will may be rejected.

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