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    What is the average cost of an uncontested divorce in the Toronto area? What is the best way to find a lawyer who could help me with the process?
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    It depends on the lawyer and what you mean buy "uncontested" divorce. If a spouse
    is making no claims against the other and there are either no dependant children or there is
    written agreement in place dealing with child support then the fees can burn between $750-
    1,200, plus disbursements (out of pocket costs.) These disbursements include court fees, plus
    the costs of hiring a process server to deliver the Divorce application and similar expenses, all
    of which cost an additional amount of approximately $450. Sometimes these disbursements are
    higher or lower. In a "friendly" divorce the other spouse will pick the Divorce Petition up at
    the lawyer's office to save on the expense of the process server. However, some estranged
    spouses can not be found. If that happens the lawyer will have to obtain a special kind of Court
    order for "substituted service" and put ads in the newspapers to "notify" the other spouse of the
    Divorce application all of which might cost an additional $800-$1250 depending on the
    Lawyer including disbursements. You'll pay an additional $200-$300 if you've been
    previously divorced and can't find your old Divorce Judgment or if you were previously
    divorced in a non-English speaking country. The best way to find a lawyer is to ask your friend
    or family if they know a good family law lawyer-word of mouth is still the best source of
    referral. If that fails, call the Lawyer Referral Service of the Law Society of Upper Canada. For
    $6 the service will provide the name of a lawyer whose office is close to your home address
    and who will provide up to 30 minutes free consultation to help you determine your rights and
    options. You can access the service by calling 1-900-565-4577. Finally, here are some
    cautionary notes about "uncontested divorces." Be careful about simply using Divorce Kits
    bougth at local stores or paying uninsured paralegals who are not lawyers. You might pay less
    initially bt without informed legal advice that could lead to much more expensive problems.
    Let me give just two examples. If you owed money for property division by reason of
    marriage, you can lose that right within the earlier two years after divorce or six years after the
    date you separated from your spouse if you don't claim for it before the Courts during that time
    period. If you obtain an uncontested divorce without settling your property claims, you could
    allow the two years to drift by and then find out that you're prevented later from making a
    claim for money to which you are entitled. Similarly, you cannot obtain an "uncontested
    divorce" if you have a dependant child and hail to provide the Court with an affidavit that
    recites the amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent and proof as to how much
    that parent earns yearly. You don't necessarily need a separation agreement to complete such
    an affidavit. But then again, they said the Titanic was so ship worthy it didn't really need its
    full complement of lifeboats and lifejackets either. The cost of separation agreement is a whole
    different matter ( at least $750-$1,000 for a very simple "no brainer.")

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