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    Exactly what happens and what can proceedings cost in a custody dispute? Can I do this without a lawyer?
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    I don't know. Can you perform surgery on yourself? A parent should not go to trial
    without a lawyer. To succeed, you need intimate familiarity with family law rules, the rules of
    evidence, including the Evident Act, child support guidelines, the Family Law Act and the
    Divorce Act, You also need to understand certain traditions of legal interpretation that courts
    understand and apply at a trial .One also requires knowledge of the rules of advocacy. In
    children's disputes, usually an expert is retained to support one's position on where a child
    should live primarily. At trial, a parent not versed in the law won't have any idea how to
    support or attack an expert's views on parenting. The cost can be high, so mediate it or settle.
    But, if you have to go to trial, don't try this on your own.

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