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    I am a Canadian Citizen. I sponsored my newly wedded husband to come to Canada. Within two months he split and I'm heart broken. Do I have to wait one year to get divorced? Am I on the hook for him if he goes on welfare?
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    You have to wait one year of separation until a court can grant a divorce
    judgment. However, you can commence your divorce action at anytime within the year.
    This is important since when the one year is over by starting the action early you will
    save about two months waiting time in the process. Secondly, when you sponsored your
    husband to come to Canada you signed a contract with the taxpayers that id he goes into
    welfare you are on the hook to repay what he took from the public purse. So start praying
    that he doesn't go on public assistance. There are a growing number of cases where both
    men and women (equally women) pretend to many a Canadian citizen. Then shortly after
    getting landed immigrant status and arriving in Canada they leave the marriage. They
    simply deceive their partners and Canada immigration by using the marriage as a vehicle
    to short circuit the immigration application process. The end result is heartbreaking for
    those Canadians who truly thought they'd met their match, sort of like Puccini's Madam
    Butterfly in reverse. Women are often emotionally or even physically abused and then
    abandoned by such phony immigrants. Men often spend large sums on mail-order type
    brides and then find that the woman had not the slightest intention in continuing with the
    relationship. By victims reporting such cases, the RCMP and Canadian Immigration is
    beginning to successfully prosecute such individuals.

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