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    I am divorced. We have one seven-year-old child. My ex-wife decided to move abroad. She insists our son not travel alone on the plane for our two access visits to Canada yearly, which greatly increases the flight costs. Is there anything I can do?
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    If you honestly feel the child is old enough to travel alone on the plane, then your lawyer should write her a
    letter explaining that court proceedings may be necessary if she fails to relent. If that doesn't work, then as your
    lawyer, I would go to court and ask a judge to order both parties to pay for a child psychologist or child social
    worker to assess whether the child is truly mature enough to handle such a trip.
    Such a motion would likely be granted, so if your ex refused to agree, she may be obliged to pay for your legal
    If you are right about your son's maturity, then after a few interviews or psychological tests the expert will issue a
    written opinion to the court explaining there is no reason why the child, with proper preparation, cannot travel
    alone. A judge will usually agree with it.

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