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    I am fifteen years old. I am currently living with my father and step mother. I do not live with my mother because of a drug addiction she has in the past and her failure to appear in court over custody of me. My mother has no custody of me, only visitation rights. I am truly unhappy living with my father because he emotionally abuses me, yet I would like to live with my mother either. I would really love to live with my grandmother but it doubt it's possible. I have a countless number of counselors and psychologists, yet nothing help me. I have even contacted children's aid and they do not want to bother with my case either. I just need a place to live where I can feel safe and loved which is why I would like to live with my grandmother. I feel like my feeling do not matter and I cannot understand why it is so difficult for me to just be happy. Please help me
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    Youth between the ages of 12-17 who need their own lawyers in certain family
    law situations or in criminal law matters can turn to justice for Children and Youth, an
    agency of the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services by calling 416-920-1633
    to see if they can help. They are very kind and helpful.

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