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    I have a court order that allows me to call my eight year old son at 7 p.m. every other evening. Every time I call, his mother picks up the phone and says something like: "Oh it's the stupid bastard." She then either hangs up or if she lets me talk to Joey for a minute of two, always listens in on our talk, and hangs up before we can finish. I always pay our support on time. I'm not a "deadbeat dad." What do I do?
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    Plug you phone into a tape recorder. Go to any store that sells
    the kind of device that allows you to bug your own phone, like Radio
    Shack. SO long as you are taping your own phone conversations its
    perfectly legal and you don't have to tell the person who you are calling.
    Then after a few choice recordings of her rudeness are taped, have your
    lawyer send a copy of the tape and a transcript. Her lawyer should
    remind her that unless she follows the court's order, she could be found
    in contempt of court and will have to pay the court costs for interfering in your
    rights of access. Before each call indentify the time and date of each
    conversation. It's amazing how quickly your conversations with your son
    will magically improve.

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