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    I have court papers saying that I am allowed to have my son every second weekend. One day my son, who is 10, decided he didn't want to see me anymore. The last time I went to see my son he was not there. My ex told me that the next time I come I have to make an appointment to see him. I called him on Christmas and was talking to him for a few seconds then the phone went dead. I called back right away but nobody picked up the phone. I pay a lot for child support. Why bother paying the support if I cannot see my son? Is there anything I can do?
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    In law, you've got to pay child support even if you are denied access. However,
    as pointed out in my earlier article ask a judge to cite your wife for contempt of court for
    breaching the court order and threaten her with jail or a large fine, if she continues to
    prevent you from seeing your son. The court could also ask a child therapist to investigate
    your son's true wishes.

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