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    I pay child support for my 18-year-old and suspect he is no longer living with his mother and I should therefore not have to pay her child support anymore. Do I have the right to know which school he is attending, how many hours a week he is attending school and where he is living? If he is not living with his mother, but can prove he is attending full time school, would the support payments go directly to my son?
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    Under the Children's Law Reform Act you have every right to this information from the child, his mother
    and directly from the school if you have some access to the child. If you don't have any access then you only have
    that right if you get a court order directing either the child or the mother to release the information to you.
    Moreover, the Family Responsibility Office will not stop enforcing the Child Support Order or agreement without a
    court directing them to do so, on your request, after a court application. If he is living alone, you may have to pay
    him directly.

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