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    I was married to my ex-husband for 11 years and separated from him in 1995. We are not legally divorced as of yet. Six years ago, I got a collection agency on me about a satellite dish we had purchased. It even went as far as filing court papers. It also said that it could not pursue my husband because he lives on a reservation. We are both natives. Now I have another company that is coming after me now for furniture that was purchased in 1994 or 1995.
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    If the purchase pertained to a joint debt, such as for an item purchased on a joint
    credit care (not a card in which is the main cardholder and you are only a supplementary
    card holder) then you have a legal obligation to pay it. However, once the debt is due, the
    law only permits creditors two years to sue. Accordingly, in most cases the Ontario
    Limitations Act will prevent any lawsuit against you. It is therefore likely that the
    furniture debt is going back to 1994-5 will not likely succeed against you. If it is not a
    "joint debt" but a debt solely of your spouse, then you may have an obligation to pay
    your spouse's unpaid bills for "necessity of life." Depending on the item, furniture may
    be a different matter.

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