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    My child only attends school when she feels like it, and that's not very often. She is currently 16 going on 17, and lives with her boyfriend most of the time. Am I still obligated to pay child support to the custodial parent?
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    If you can prove that she lives with her boyfriend most of the time and is
    delinquent in school you may be able to persuade a judge to stop child support. But
    demonstrating that a child is no longer within parental control and has dropped out of
    school is far more difficult than it sounds. What does "only attends school when she feels
    like it" really mean? How many courses is she taking? Is she registered as a full-time or
    part-time student? Is she passing each course or failing? It may be that she is a poor
    student that is registered for full time courses but hasn't exactly failed. It may also be that
    she spends two or three nights a week with her boyfriend and the rest of the week with
    her mother. Everything depends on the extent of her independence from her Mom and
    just how often she misses school. My question to you, sir, is how did it happen that a 16
    year old girl is finding comfort in a sexual relationship so early in life and so absent from
    school? And what did you do to contribute to this state of affairs? Rather than worry
    about how quickly you can shave a few bucks on child support, are you perhaps asking
    the wrong question? What are you doing to help your daughter? How often have you
    spoken to the school teachers or principal about getting her help? What can you do to
    reestablish the relationship that appears to have gone sour? Fatherless children turn into
    young adults who often become troubled parents themselves leasing to fatter wallets for
    divorce lawyers like me. No doubt there is more than one parent or the child to blame,
    but heaven help us if we don't start asking the right questions.

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