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    My friend, who recently go her Canadian citizenship, is about to give birth out of wedlock. She wants to remain single and wants her baby to exclusively use he maiden family name, especially on the birth certificate. What are the pros and cons of my friend's decision regarding the baby's last name in the long terms from the child's point of view?
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    Legally speaking the mother just may find if more difficult later to make a child
    support or paternity application to be credible. For the child, there is no technical legal
    ramifications within Canadian law, other than that he too could be denying himself the right to
    child support from his Dad later in life, if he so chooses. Knowing his genetic may also become
    crucial for health reasons at some stage. Also if his Dad is a citizen of another country, such as
    the U.S.A, there are significant benefits in having him on your birth certificate because the
    child automatically can benefit from his Dad's foreign citizenship right if he wishes it. On the
    flip side, if Dad later wants to have access to the child it will obviously be easier to prove he's
    the Dad if his name is on the certificate. But then again, Dad can always legally insist upon
    DNA tests if he is serious about making a court application for those rights. Finally, the child
    much later in life may actually resent not knowing.

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