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    My husband has custody of the baby. He is denying me access if I don't give him money. We have no court documents on access but my lawyer is working on that. Is there any way that I can get custody of my child? I have been accused of assault of my step daughter, the CAS is involved. My husband has been a former drug addict only quit last year July, he is abusive towards me. CAS gave me unsupervised access to my daughter. They told my lawyer they have no concerns about me having the baby.
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    Cases like this involve a spaghetti of conflicting allegations of abuse, especially when
    child protection workers are involved. Normally, the Ontario Court of Justice fist hears from
    the Children's Aid Society to see if there is any merit to any of the abuse allegations before the
    same court or the Superior Court of Justice entertains any custody applications. Allegations of
    substance abuse by your ex can be tested with DNA hair testing samples that your lawyer can
    ask the Court to order, if Dad is denying it. Of course, you and yourself will be subject to the
    same tests.

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