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    My sister is going to marry next month. Her husband and my sister will be living in the property which is jointly owned by my sister and I, and I will be moving out. I paid over half of the vale of the house when we purchased it and now I am paying the property taxes and utilities while my sister is paying the mortgage for the rest of the value. My question is: will her husband be entitled to have any interest in the property I case they are separated?
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    In the event of separation of your sister and her new husband, you sister's share
    in this home would be considered a ?matrimonial home' under Ontario's Family Law
    Act. What this means is that one-half if its entire equity, including one half of its
    premarital value, would be included when calculating her net worth or ?net family
    property' as of the date of separation. Her net worth is compared to her husband's in the
    event of separation, or if one of them dies, and the richer of the two must pay the poorer
    and equalization payment. To give a simple example, if the only asset owned by your
    sister is her half-interest in a home worth $400,00 and help half-interest on the date of
    separation was $200,000 and her husband has no assets then she would have to pay him
    $100,00 in the absence of a marriage contract (or pre-nuptial agreement). However, your
    one half ownership of the home stays completely unaffected.

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