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    My wife and I are separated and about to obtain a divorce. We have reached a minit separation agreement. Most recently, my wife's lawyer asked me to sign a Notice of Withdrawal in which I will withdraw the Answer filed to defend myself in the contested divorce proceeding completely. Do I really need to sign this to get the divorce.
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    I would have to read the agreement and be convinced that it was fair to you.
    Then I would have to be further convinced that by agreeing to a divorce you were not
    precluded from enforcing any of your rights, especially if you were facing and the
    statutory limitation periods. Assuming these concerns were satisfied then the procedure
    you wife's lawyer is suggesting is very normal and is done all the time once two people
    have singed a final separation agreement. However, you have written that you signed
    something called a "minit" separation agreement. Do you mean a "mini" or "preliminary"
    or "temporary" agreement, something like an "interim" separation agreement? If so, then
    there may be good reason not to proceed with a divorce or to withdraw you Answer in a
    contested divorce proceeding until all the issues have been resolved.

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