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    My wife keeps threatening to sue me. Two family law mediators have told us I'm right and she's wrong about the law. Bust the court costs and testifying at a trial scares me. Help.
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    Stop worrying about a "trial" and call her bluff. Your fears are unfounded. That
    knot in you stomach will unravel if you place your trust in a knowledgeable family law
    lawyer. Your lawyer should write a letter demanding a fair settlement with a time limit
    for a response, falling which you should ideally take her to court first. There are certain
    tactical advantages in being the first to sue. In Ontario, the first court appearance called a
    Case Conference does not permit either spouse to obtain any relief from the judge, except
    for procedural court orders, like obtaining orders for information about spousal finances.
    It also provides an opportunity to present a written "Offer to Settle" in your terms. If your
    wife does not accept your offer after a successful trial then the trial judge will likely
    compel her to pay most of your legal bills. If thoughtfully prepared these offers often lead
    to settlement with the assistance of an experienced caring judge.

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