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    What are the Child Support Guidelines?
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    The Child Support Guidelines were introduced in March of 1996 by the Canadian Government as one method of ensuring that family support obligations were respected. The Guidelines consist of a set of rules and tables for calculating the amount of support that a paying parent should contribute towards his or her children, and were designed to make the calculation of child support fair, predictable and consistent for the benefit of the children.

    The provinces and territories share responsibility with the federal government for matters relating to child support. In general, the federal Divorce Act sets out the rules for setting child support amounts if you are already divorced or planning to divorce. Provincial laws apply if you have never been married or are separated, or planning to separate, but have decided not to divorce.

    It should be noted that the Guidelines are exactly that - guidelines. Child support amounts can be adjusted at the discretion of the court to recognize a child's special expenses, or to prevent undue financial hardship for a parent or a child in certain circumstances. For further information go to the Government of Canada Federal Child Support Guideline Website:

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