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    How do I Register a Named Corporation in Ontario?
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    If you decide you would like to register your corporation as a named corporation, you will need to first decide on a name. There are some restrictions on the names you may use. You may not, for instance, use words that imply the business is connected with the Crown, the Government of Canada, a province or territory, a municipality, or agency of the Crown without written consent of the appropriate authority.

    Once you have decided on a name, you will need to do a NUANS (New Upgraded Automated Name Search) search to see if this name is available. A Provincial NUANS search must be performed through a NUANS partner. You can find a list of NUANS partners in Ontario here. You will need to submit the NUANS name search report with your application for incorporation, along with the NUANS reservation number and the NUANS date so as to satisfy the authorities that the name you are requesting is available.

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