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    What type of statements can I make in a review that wonÂ’t be considered defamation?
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    You can generally make any comments you like about your contractor so long as they are truthful or are opinions based on fact and are not malicious. Avoid writing things that arenÂ’t truthful, things you canÂ’t prove, or things that are maliciously motivated. While you may be upset with your contractor, it is best to ensure that you limit your comments to those you can prove and to those that are non-malicious opinions.

    In order to protect yourself as much as possible, document the contractor’s work and save this documentation for the future, in case the contractor accuses you of defamation. This will allow you to prove the comments that you have made and rely on the defence of “truth” against any claims of defamation.

    As long as what you have written is either true or a fair opinion that is not malicious, you do not have to worry about defamation claims. Because of this, if you are confident that your review is true or is a fair opinion that is not malicious, you can stand your ground if the contractor accuses you of defamation.

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