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    Can I File For Bankruptcy More Than Once?
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    A debtor can file for bankruptcy protection more than once, but there are limitations. One limitation is on the time necessary between filings.  That limitation depends on what chapters of the Bankruptcy Code are involved. For example, if both the previous and current filings are under Chapter 7, and the debtor received a discharge in the previous bankruptcy, then the time between filing dates must be at least eight years. See the very detailed discussion at my blog for the complete analysis.

    Another limitation is on the applicability of the automatic stay to the current bankruptcy case:  If the previous bankruptcy was pending during the twelve months prior to the filing of the current case, and was dismissed for some reason, then the automatic stay — perhaps the most important protection afforded to a debtor during the pendency of the case —is not automatic. View this post to get the complete picture on filing for bankruptcy more than once in California.

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