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    Is Small Claims Court the right place for me?
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    * Does someone owe you money?
    * Have you been injured?
    * Has your property been stolen or damaged?
    * Did you pay someone for a product or service, but you got faulty workmanship instead?
    If so, you're probably pretty angry right now. But you should ask yourself a few questions before you go to court: Do you have documentary evidence (for example, contracts or receipts) or witnesses to support your claim? Are you confident that you are right and the defendant is wrong? Even if you win, can the defendant afford to pay you back? Are you willing to take the time to do some legwork to take your case to trial?

    If the answer to all of these questions is yes, Small Claims Court is an effective way to get the results you deserve.

    You can sue in small claims court as long as you are 18 years of age and mentally competent. You can only sue on your own behalf; you cannot sue for someone else's claim. If you are being sued, you can also counter-sue by filling in a defendant's claim .

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