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    How do I serve my claim to the defendant?
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    Someone has to physically hand the Notice of Claim to each defendant. The defendant must get a copy of your claim, so they will know what the case is about, how much you are suing for, and when and where the hearing will take place. You can do this yourself, ask a friend, or you can pay another company to do it for you.

    If you are suing more than one person, each person gets their own copy of the document, even if they're at the same address.

    You can not send the Notice of Claim by fax or regular mail. If you have tried to serve the defendant personally, and been unsuccessful, you can serve a document by courier-make sure you have kept a record of your attempts to reach the defendant.

    If you are sending the notice by registered mail or courier, send a separate package for each person named in your suit. For more information, refer to the Guide to Serving Documents.

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