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    What does it mean when my court case is adjourned and rescheduled?
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    If your case has been "adjourned," this means that it has been put "on hold," so-to-speak. In other words, the case has been "paused" for some reason. The courts will adjourn a case for a number of reasons and at many different points in the trial process. A motion, trial, pre-trial conference, or any other court date can be adjourned for any number of reasons, including unavailability of counsel or their client, a lack of time in the courtÂ’s schedule, or for procedural irregularities. If your case has been adjourned, the court will give you instructions on how to proceed. Sometimes, a case is adjourned sine die, which means it has been adjourned without another date being set. In this case, the parties will have to schedule another date themselves if they wish the case to continue. Other times, when a case is adjourned, it will be rescheduled for a date at some point in the future.

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