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    Do you recommend that purchasers obtain title insurance?
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    Yes. Unfortunately, no lawyer can completely assure a purchaser that there is absolutely no chance of an error in government records, or that there are no undisclosed claims, or that what appears to be the signature of the prior owner or consenting spouse is a true signature or that there has been no fraud or forgery involved with the subject property. Title insurance can satisfy these gaps in the traditional lawyer?s opinion on title. The coverage for fraud and forgery covers both the period prior to closing and after. With title insurance, the lawyer is not required to complete the many searches that are normally required for a lawyer?s opinion on title. As a result the fee for the title insurance is offset by avoiding completing these searches, which each have an associated fee, and quick closings are not delayed by having to wait for responses to these search enquiries. At Elliott & Elliott your purchase transaction includes arrangements for issuance to you of a Stewart Title Guaranty Company title insurance policy which will provide you with title protection. Our role is to provide purchasers with all required legal services and advice during the course of your transaction. Should you prefer another form of title protection, please inform our office in writing at least seven business days prior to closing.

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