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    What do I need to be aware of if the property to be purchased is on well and septic?
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    Well - Any Agreement of Purchase and Sale should be made conditional upon the vendor providing a current water potability certificate confirming the water is fit for human consumption and there is no significant evidence of bacterial contamination. The vendor should also provide a warranty that the well is capable of providing adequate water supply to meet the household needs and that the pump and all related equipment serving the property are in proper operating condition.

    Septic - Any Agreement of Purchase and Sale should be conditional upon you determining, at your own expense, that at the time of installation: (1) all sewage systems serving the property are wholly within the setback requirements of the said property and had received all required Certificates of Installation and Approval pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act; (2) all sewage systems serving the property had been constructed in accordance with the said Certificates of Installation and Approval; (3) all sewage systems serving the property had received all required use permits under the said Act or any other legislation; and further, that on inspection, the septic bed is in good working order.

    Also the vendor should provide you with any and all documentation regarding the septic system and confirmation that the system has been and currently is in good working order. You may also want to request that the vendor have the septic system pumped out, prior to closing, and provide written confirmation that it has been completed on closing.

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