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    What is involved in a survey?
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    When surveyors are conducting a land survey on a property, they use measurement and data analysis, as these are very important tools that are used by surveyors in order to express an expert opinion regarding the location of specific property boundaries. However, some difficulties can arise as the major land settlement in Ontario took place over 200 years ago, and many of these properties did not come with a survey, or overtime, important documents involved with the survey were lost or damaged. As a result, errors occasionally creep into deeds and original boundary markers can be lost through reconstruction. Also, some individuals may actually move property markers or fences, or deliberately alter survey documents to gain an advantage. Due to this, surveyors must carefully research the history of the property and the physical evidence such as property markers, fences, etc. in order to resolve any conflicting information before they express an expert opinion as to the location of the property boundaries.

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