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    How do I go about starting divorce proceedings?
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    Divorce proceedings are started by filing a document called a Petition for Divorce or Application for Divorce, depending on where you live. The person asking for a divorce is called the Petitioner. The person being divorced is called the Respondent. If there are any complicating factors, such as children, substantial assets, businesses, or financial need that may require support payments for one spouse or children, you would be well advised to use a lawyer. If your situation is uncomplicated and it is unlikely that you and your spouse will disagree about the divorce and the division of your assets, you may conduct the proceedings on your own. It is still wise to consult briefly with a lawyer rather than use one of those ?do it yourself? kits or go to someone who is not a lawyer. Often people miss limitation periods or are unaware of rights they didn?t know they had until long after they processed their own supposedly simple divorce and later found out what issues should have been properly resolved. Better safe than sorry.

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