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    How much does a divorce cost?
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    There is no easy answer to this question. In 2004, lawyers across Canada charged as little as $600 and as much as $1200 in fees plus out-of-pocket disbursements for uncontested divorce, assuming that the other spouse is easy to find and a few hundred dollars more if he has be found or a special court order has to be obtained because he can?t be found. There are ?do it yourself? kits that reduce the cost substantially, but we don?t advise anyone to do it yourself.

    A divorce involving parties without children can be as inexpensive as $1200. You will have to arrange to have the petition served on your spouse and this will cost a fee when you use someone to do this. You are not permitted to do this yourself. If you consult a lawyer, you may be quoted a set fee if the divorce looks straightforward. However, if unforeseen problems arise that lead to additional work for your lawyer, then the set fee may not hold. If your divorce is bitterly fought between the two of you, then it could take months (or years) to resolve, many court applications, and possibly a trial. In that case, your lawyer will charge you according to his or her hourly rate. You will be told of this rate when you first see the lawyer and you will probably be billed from time to time as your case goes on. Divorces like this may cost thousands of dollars.

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