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    How can I avoid having a bad divorce?
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    If you have not yet separated but the separation seems inevitable, take a few seconds to consider your options. Nearly all relationships end involuntarily either through death or separation. The end of a relationship is like a death. Anger or resentment will not revive the marriage, so leave those feelings behind or you won?t be able to move forward.

    If you are not in court do what you can to keep it that way. Use mediation, use a collaborative lawyer, talk between yourselves, call upon a religious advisor. Once you are in court, you are like a passenger in a car. You want to go somewhere and you?re giving directions, but someone else is driving. You do, however, have to pay for the gas.

    If you cannot avoid court, do what the judge tells you to do. Obey every court order or if you don?t feel you can obey every court order, then appeal those that you cannot follow. Provide every piece of disclosure you are ordered to provide. Do not "bad mouth" your lawyer or your spouse?s lawyer to your spouse. Make your own decisions about how you want the case to go. Keep on good terms with your lawyer and your friends.

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