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    What is "joint custody"?
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    Joint custody is an arrangement that leaves each parent with exactly the same rights of custody as they had before they separated. This only works where the parents can get along with each other and work together in the interests of the children. Many times the parents will agree that there is to be joint custody, or the court may order it, but one of the parents is named as having the primary care and control of the children or the agreement or order sets out that the primary residence of the children will be with one of parents.

    It is generally felt that it is in the best interests of most children to have as much stress-free contact as possible with each of their parents. Sometimes the circumstances allow for the children to live with one parent for part of the week and with the other for the rest of the week, or to live for one or two weeks with one parent and then switch. Any form of shared parenting that works is likely to be acceptable to the courts and parents are encouraged to put their own differences aside when it comes to dealing with the children.

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