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    What steps should I take if I am being sued?
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    If you are being sued, the following steps should be taken into consideration:
    1. Arrange to talk to the other party before the court date and attempt to reach an agreement. If you owe money, pay it or try to work out a payment plan before the court date.
    2. Try mediation or other alternatives to lawyers and courts. Mediation can be tried at any point in your case, even if it does not work at the beginning.
    3. Familiarise yourself with how the Small Claims Court works. Going to a court hearing can help you understand what to expect and be better prepared, as can consulting with the small claims advisor and using online resources.
    4. Figure out if you are being sued in the wrong court.
    5. Decide if you wish to counter-sue the person that is suing you. If you do, learn how to file a defendant's claim.
    6. Get ready and go to your trial.
    7. After your trial, consider the Defendant's Post-Trial Checklist.B18

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