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    What do I do if I cannot find my debtor?
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    You may not know the debtor's location if, for example, you only know the bank branch where the debtor has his or her accounts. However, in order to carry out a debtor's examination, you may need to locate the debtor by considering the following steps:
    - Attempt to locate the debtor using internet tools such as white pages or reverse lookup.
    - Contact the local county assessor to see if the debtor, debtor's spouse, or the debtor's domestic partner owns real property. Some county assessors can confirm if a debtor owns real property over the phone.
    - Search the county clerk's records to find if the person has a fictitious business name statement on file with an address.
    - Check with the court to see if there are any other lawsuits filed against the debtor or their spouse or domestic partner and see if an address is listed on the file.

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