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    What if my child is not feeling well when it is time to change homes?
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    There is no perfect answer to this question but some of the things to take notice of are the age of the child and the seriousness of the illness. The distance that you will have to travel is also something to take into consideration.

    - Both parents have the right (and obligation) to care for their child but it is unreasonable to expect that the primary custodial parent take care of a sick child, just as it is unreasonable to deny parenting time due to minor illnesses.
    - A sick child may not be willing to move and it may cause disruption. However, in other cases a change of environment may take their mind off their illness. Every situation is different and should be judge on its own circumstances.
    - When parents share care of a sick child, clear communication is crucial, especially when the child is taking medicine and accurate dosage is important. A simple log of the medication and the schedule required is beneficial.

    If parenting time is missed due to sickness, time with the noncustodial parent may need to be made up. Contingency plans can be included in parent plans, taking into account that each parent's schedule is different.

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