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My Legal Briefcase 3-Step Process:

Use My Legal Briefcase To Prepare Your Legal Forms


1. Join

Set up an account. You'll be able to prepare legal documents such as wills, contracts, and small claims forms.

2. Fill in the questionnaire

Our 3-step process will guide you through easy-to-understand questions that will capture the details of your circumstance - no knowledge of legal terms required.

For description of the types of legal documents you can access, see Is It For Me?

3. Download your Document

Go to your account and download your completed form. With our system you will get excellent results, today not tomorrow.

My Legal Briefcase gives you:

  • We assist you from beginning to end. Our software helps you prepare the forms in a quick manner.
  • Our software listens to your responses to adjust the questions asked.
  • We offer tips and suggestions at each stage.
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