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    National Post: Big Help for Small Claims
    Posted: 2011-08-23 11:57:08

    My Legal Briefcase was featured in an article by Christine Dobby of the Financial Post. Dobby gives an excellent review of our past, present and future as a company.

    She writes:

    ", launched last November, goes beyond a typical legal forms website and takes users through a series of questions about their claim, setting up a workflow that provides guidance on the timing of each step and generating the necessary documents.

    “We have a series of scenarios written in plain language … and we ask questions based on that,” Ms. Goyal says. “Based on how you answer those questions, you get forms that are dynamically generated.”

    For instance, if someone had a dispute with a contractor for unpaid work, after they entered the details of their dispute the site would guide them through escalating steps, first sending a demand letter, then serving the contractor with a statement of claim and so on.

    “Sometimes it’s just people don’t know what to do next. So it’s also providing that comfort that they’re moving in the right direction,” she says."

    You can check out the full article here.

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