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    Lawtimes: Bits & Bytes: Canada moving slowly on innovation of legal services
    Posted: 2012-04-09 11:40:10

    Richard Susskind’s book The End of Lawyers? was inspiring because it spoke of a different type of legal practice that moved away from a traditional approach to a model that embraced business innovation and technology to provide commodity-like legal services.

    But I wonder how and when this will happen in Canada. In the meantime, there are some indicators that Susskind’s futuristic pronouncements are becoming reality in Britain.

    For example, reported that one-third of conveyancing firms are considering conversion to alternative business structures.

    For all the promise, I’m still not convinced this revolution will happen quickly as law schools don’t train lawyers to be entrepreneurs at the forefront of technology innovation. But of notable exception are two upcoming programs: Law Without Walls and 21st Century Law Practice.

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