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    ACTA Doesn't Stand a Chance
    Posted: 2012-07-05 09:00:31


    EU legislators opposed ACTA so strongly on Wednesday that we can lay our worries to the least for now. ACTA, Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, was proposed to battle online piracy, or as contextualized by the proposers, to help better protect intellectual property.

    The decision by the European bloc was welcomed with cheers and signs that read, “Hello Democracy, Goodbye ACTA.” The public seems to view the intent of the agreement as less- than- trustworthy, and so do I. ACTA has received a considerable amount of criticism for being drafted behind closed doors. Civil- rights organizations have taken serious steps to show their opposition, which in itself is never a good sign.

    Although its true intentions may not be readily apparent, it's certain that Brussels is out, but the treaty commission is still set on fighting the good fight.

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