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    Doing Home Renovations? Know Your Rights
    Posted: 2012-08-07 05:00:43

    Home renovation contracts are often prone to disputes. The quality of work that one expects is not always there. It can be done shoddily and not up to high standards. If that is the case, the homeowner often feels ripped off. There can also be an issue with communication between the homeowner and the renovations contractor. As written contracts are not always signed, the parties may not be fully clear on what they are supposed to do under their agreement.


    By eurok

    Therefore, before one begins contacting contractors, it is necessary to know the rights that each party is entitled to.

    1. When the homeowner and the contractor agree on a price, the final price charged cannot be more than 10 percent higher than the originally agreed one.

    2. If the homeowner and the contractor agree to a service that costs more than $50, the homeowner has the right to cancel the service within 10 days and get the money back. However, if the homeowner asks within 10 days that the services be for emergency house repairs, this cancellation right does not apply.

    3. The renovations contractor is not allowed to engage in deceptive or unfair business practices that hurt the homeowner. Homeowners are protected by law from such behaviour. If this behaviour occurs, homeowners can cancel the services agreement within one year.

    4. If the renovations contractor wants to renegotiate the services agreement, he/she has to do so with your consent. It is illegal for the contractor to keep your belongings in order to renegotiate a different contract.

    5. Homeowners, who hired a faulty renovations contractor, can always file a complaint. First the complaint should be addressed to the renovations contractor. If the issue cannot be resolved, the homeowner can file a complaint with the Ministry of Consumer Services. For more information about how to file a complaint with the Ministry, visit this site.

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