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    Achieving Gender Pay Equity in Ontario – Part II
    Posted: 2012-11-29 05:00:23

    In the previous blog article, we discussed what Gender Pay Equity is in Ontario and what rights it gives you. In this blog, we describe what the process of enforcing pay equity in Ontario is and how you can go about it.

    Although most employers are required by law to establish a pay scale that takes gender pay equity into account over time, not all do. If you suspect that your employer did not do so and pays you less than what you should receive, you have the right to complain to the Pay Equity Commission. Or, if you are represented by a union, the union is required to negotiate pay equity with the employer.

    How to file a complaint with the Commission?

    1. To start a complaint, you need to fill out an application form and forward it to the Case Coordinator at the Pay Equity Office (180 Dundas Street West, Suite 300, Toronto, ONM7A 2S6). The application is available online on the Pay Equity Commission website. The form requires information such as your name, employerÂ’s name, the reasons for making the application, and signature. Your name is not released to your employer, unless you consent to it.

    2. Once the application is filed with the Commission, a letter confirming its receipt will be sent and an officer will review the file.

    3. Once reviewed, the officer can decide how best to resolve the complaint and make sure the employer complies with Pay Equity laws. It takes about a year to resolve it.

    Once pay equity is achieved, it is important for the employer to maintain it over time and ensure that it does not get eroded. It is required by law and demands that the employer regularly reviews job values, salaries, and job duties in order to prevent the wages of female employees from being eroded compared to jobs (largely dominated by males) with similar skills and responsibilities. It is important to remember that pay equity is not the same as pay equality. Pay Equality is about equalizing wages for people doing the same jobs and roles. Pay Equity is about closing the gender wage gap. When filing a complaint with the commission, it is important to remember this distinction to help you file the application correctly.

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