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    How do I file my Articles of Incorporation in Ontario?
    Posted: 2013-01-29 17:14:54

    If you do not need your corporation to have a name, you can create a numbered corporation and dispense with the NUANS name search requirements. Once you submit your incorporation documents, the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch will assign a number to your corporation.

    You can file your application for incorporation either in hard-copy or online. If you wish to file your application by hard-copy, you can download the Form 1 Articles of incorporation here. If you wish to file your application online, you can do so through third-party services such as Cyberbahn Inc. Or OnCorp Direct Inc. Regardless of which method you choose, your application will need to be accompanied by a covering letter setting out the name of a contact person, a return address, and a telephone number. You will also need to choose a legal element which will be added to the end of your corporation’s name, regardless of whether it’s a numbered or named corporation. The available legal elements are: limited, limitée, incorporated, incorporée, corporation, Ltd., Ltée, Inc., or Corp.

    Once you have completed filed your articles of incorporation, either through a third-party service or in person, your application will be processed by the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch. If there are no problems with your application, you will receive confirmation of incorporation shortly thereafter. If there are problems with your application, you will be contacted at the phone number you provided in your covering letter to work through any deficiencies.

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