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    Three Ways To Avoid A Wedding Photography Nightmare, Part 2
    Posted: 2010-11-01 07:14:34

    In Part 1, we looked at Stephanie and Dan, whose seemingly perfect (and expensive) wedding photographer turned out to be a nightmare.

    You can read their complete story here.

    Do Some Research

    Ask friends, family members, or colleagues for recommendations.  Read online reviews if they are available and research the photographer’s profile through a database such as the Better Business Bureau.

    Don’t rely on one quote from one business. Instead, look at several photographers, maybe three.  When you get a referral, make sure the referee tells you the pros and cons on the person they have recommended.

    Our couple failed to fully research their photographer.  Like many couples, Stephanie and Dan may have let the excitement and anticipation of their wedding influence their decisions.  They went with the first photographer they met who offered what they were looking for and had a portfolio of great photos that suited their taste.

    They were unaware of the fact that other couples had experienced exactly what they were about to endure.  Online reviews of the company were mixed; with one other couple stating that it took nearly three years to get their album.  Stephanie really wanted to get the wedding album in time for her first anniversary.  Unfortunately, that wish did not work out exactly as she expected.  It took some effort on her part to urge the photographer to fulfill his contractual obligations.

    File Your Small Claim; But Be Sure To Get Help

    With the pressure of a wedding to contend with, Stephanie initially wrote a negative online review of her photographer.  While that may have initially made Stephanie feel better, it didn’t get her the album any sooner.  Many people, when faced with a similar situation, do not think that legal action is appropriate.  When it comes to obtaining the product or service you have paid for, it’s important to consider legal action as an option.

    Stephanie and her husband eventually decided to file a Small Claim against the photographer.  The process of starting a Small Claim can be time-consuming and frustrating.  If the documentation required is not clearly and precisely written, the case can be harder to fight.

    Once the claim was served to the photographer, the seriousness of the situation became clear.  The album was processed very quickly and within a few days it was delivered to Stephanie’s doorstep.


    It took more than a year for Stephanie and Dan to receive their album, plus a $500 partial refund. Once the album arrived, the couple dropped the lawsuit and Stephanie updated her online review indicating that the issue was resolved.

    In the end Stephanie and Dan were fortunate. Some couples never get their photos. While you may not experience the same result as Stephanie and Dan, if you keep the three points above in mind, you will know how to prevent a bad situation from becoming a nightmare.

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