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    Google Justice
    Posted: 2010-12-21 09:20:41

    Not long ago we profiled a story where, in response to feedback about the fact that Google’s search algorithm inadvertently benefited an unscrupulous business owner, they announced that they would change their algorithms to demote sites that have cheated their customers.

    Now, as we found out recently, the owner of DecorMyEyes has been arrested on charges of stalking, uttering threats and fraud.

    So the story began with a New York Times report about how the company failed to send customers items they paid for, and then the owner followed up with threats once people demanded their money back. At the time, sites that receive a lot of negative feedback could rank as highly on a Google search as those that are have more positive reviews. Once the initial story about DecorMyEyes was released, Google pledged to change their search algorithm to punish sites that provide poor service and receive negative feedback.

    Unlike the Small Claims actions started by its customers, the criminal charges against the owner of DecorMyEyes set the penalty much higher than the cost of a pair of sunglasses. If convicted, the owner may face jail time. Simply settling a Small Claim would be a much smaller price to pay for these underhanded business tactics.

    This all goes to show that the Internet can be used to bring those who commit crimes to justice.

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