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    I cancelled your service months ago! Why am I receiving ever-increasing bills? Part One
    Posted: 2010-12-28 06:38:20

    By Laurie Lonsdale

    Look around you the next time you’re waiting at a bus stop, walking through the mall, or standing in line for an event, and take note of just how many cell phones are in use, with people chatting, texting, playing games, or downloading emails, videos, music, and photos.  Every day, more people rely on them in order to stay connected to family and friends, and a growing number depend on them for business purposes.  Knowing our need for their products and services, it makes sense that cell phone providers place customers in binding contracts due to money that can be made from them.

    With loads of people unhappy with term contracts, some mobile companies are emerging with different mobile plans.  One such company now allows their customers to pay for services for as long they want or need them; the trade-off being that the customer actually pays for their phone of choice, with a percentage of their monthly service charges going towards the price.  As such, the balance owing on the phone gradually decreases with each and every month of service use.  Should the customer choose to cease services, whatever is left owing on the phone is then due.

    It’s a good and fair deal, with the added convenience of the phone being paid off in increments.  But what happens if the customer attempts to cancel services and the cell phone company ignores the request, causing monthly service charges to accumulate despite that the customer is no longer using the phone?

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