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    How to Handle a Claim ¬Ė Straight from the Horse¬ís Mouth Part One
    Posted: 2011-01-20 07:00:45

    By Laurie Lonsdale

    There¬ís an old expression that began in horse racing circa 1913, that¬ís still used and familiar to most people today ¬Ė that saying is:¬† ¬ďI got it straight from the horse¬ís mouth¬Ē.¬† It expressed the idea that certain betting tips had come from the most knowledgeable people and those closest to the horse.

    Today, it still refers to the process of receiving information directly from the highest and most trusted source, opposed to assuming the answer or obtaining it via a third party.¬† When dealing with the law, this expression is truly relevant, because whether you¬íre initiating a claim (Plaintiff) or on the receiving end of one (Defendant), it¬ís wise to seek knowledgeable and experienced guidance.¬† And, that¬ís exactly what My Legal Briefcase offers ¬Ė information you can trust.

    Serving a claim or being served with one is a troublesome and often frightening experience for most people, and quickly can become confusing and frustrating if you receive incorrect advice on how to conduct yourself.  Mistakes can cost you time and money, as well as hinder your chances of winning your dispute or claim.

    Unfortunately, calling the court doesn’t always produce the answers you’re looking for, and court clerks have been known to be wrong with the information they supply.  That’s because it’s often necessary for the clerks to physically see and read documentation in order to know exactly what your claim is, and therefore to understand the nature of your question, or know what steps need to be taken.

    Although a direct visit to the courthouse indeed can provide you with the answers you need, it can be a time consuming experience.   And, knowing that calling the court isn’t always the best option for receiving information, My Legal Briefcase can provide an invaluable service.  The last thing you need is an unnecessary surprise that might hamper your claim and waste your time.  That’s why we provide plenty of Small Claims Court information on the site, in addition to answers to many common questions.

    At some point during the course of your legal action; however, you will need to visit the courthouse, to obtain any documentation you require, or to file your claim or defence.  But a courthouse can be quite an intimidating place, especially for a first-timer.  So, what should you know in advance?

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