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    The Courthouse Experience ¬Ė Straight from the Horse¬ís Mouth Part Two
    Posted: 2011-01-24 07:16:29

    By Laurie Lonsdale

    First, make sure you know the name and address of the court you need to visit.  If filing a claim, the information you seek can be found in the white pages of your local telephone book, or it can be found online. If responding to a claim, the information concerning the court in question can be found on the claim itself, centered near the top of the first page.   The address and phone number will be provided, just below the court name.

    Secondly, choose a day on which you know you have plenty of time to conduct your business, and try to arrive early if you can, in order to avoid crowds and lengthy lines that develop as the day wears on.  Don’t try to squeeze a visit into a lunch hour or between meetings because you’ll only end up annoyed and frustrated…… and late for your next appointment.  Count on line-ups and wait times, so bring a book or crossword puzzle to help pass the time.

    Thirdly, make sure to take the relevant documents with you, including the claim itself if you are responding to one.  The claim number and names on the document will be required by the court clerk in order to access the file.   As well, be prepared to pay a filing fee of $75.00 in Canadian funds if you are initiating a claim and $40.00 if you are responding to one.

    So far it seems pretty simple and straight forward, right?   But what can you expect when you get there?

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