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    Posted: 2011-03-15 06:40:59

    South Asian Focus

    My Legal Briefcase and CEO Monica Goyal was featured in South Asian Focus last week.
    South Asian Focus
    New website offers legal self-representation advice
    In direct response to both the increase in 2010 of the Small Claims Court monetary limit from $10,000 to $25,000 and the number of Ontarians who choose to self-represent themselves in court, Monica Goyal and co-founder Chris Ellefson have launched the online legal website

    B Magazine

    Also, My Legal Briefcase CEO article on What You Might Not Know About Social Networking appeared in this month's issue of B Magazine.  To read the article, visit B Magazine's website

    What You Might Not Know About Social Networking
    We all have long, difficult days at work. After one of these days, you might find yourself relaxing and venting with friends, where you make the odd negative comment towards your boss or company. Under normal circumstances, it’s unlikely that these comments will travel back to your superior and result in your dismissal. If, however, you make your feelings known on a highly popular social networking site such as Facebook, it’s an entirely different story...

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